Our (Virtual) Doors Are Open!

Posted by Brandon Tucker on

It's an exciting day, because today is the day that we finally get to unveil our online baby boutique to the world. Although it's day one of the online store, our company has been making big moves behind the scenes for quite some time now. And we finally feel that we're at the point where it's time for all of you amazing parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, or whatever else you might be, to meet the Just Ezzy Bee Kidz brand. 

We're a husband and wife team who noticed a serious lack of gender-neutral clothing on the market after the birth of our adorable son Luke. Rather than settling for the boring and limited designs that most children's clothing stores are filled with, we decided to create a new line of baby clothes that are as stylish as they are gender-neutral. 

But we didn't stop there! We also decided to expand our beloved lineup of products to include gender-neutral clothing designs for toddlers, older youths, and even adults. So it's not just your kids that can look incredible anymore. 

If you're enjoying the current designs we have but are hoping for a bigger variety, then stay tuned. We already have several new products on the horizon, even though we just launched today. That's how passionate we are about bringing a new spark to the gender-neutral clothing market.

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