Bring a Piece of Canadian Nature Home With You

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Is there anything more calming and enjoyable than nature? Lush green trees, towering snow-capped mountains, musical babbling streams, it's just all so incredible.

That's why we've teamed up with local Albertan and Canadian suppliers to create a nature-inspired lineup of brand new products that you're sure to love. We're so excited about it that we've decided to give you a sneak peek at what this new collection includes. And remember, that each of these products are entirely made up of natural 100% Canadian ingredients. 


1. Ezzy Bath Time Wash

Tired of having a bathroom filled with dozens of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners? Our all-in-one wash makes it easy to keep your bathroom organized and still achieve the natural, non-greasy clean that you're looking for. The aloe and oils hydrate, while the lavender leaves you smelling like a meadow.


2. Ezzy Everywhere Balm

We've collected the best locally sourced ingredients to create an all-natural balm with an all-natural soothing sensation. The various oils provide high levels of antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids, while the beeswax effectively seals in the new layer of moisture. What you're left with is a non-greasy feel, reduced fine lines, and much-needed relief for irritated skin.


3. Ezzy Sleep Time Lotion

Going to sleep shouldn't be hard, but far too often you or your child go to bed, only to toss and turn the night away. With a small amount of this all-natural lotion, you'll instantly experience the soothing effects of the aloe leaf juice and various oils. Introduce a good night's sleep back into your life.


4. Ezzy Soothing Spray

If left unchecked, dry or irritated skin can be nearly as uncomfortable as teething. That's why you should always have a bottle of our locally sourced soothing spray to deal with those sudden skin conditions on your child or you. The poppy seed oil and coconut water hydrate problem areas, while the radish root effectively cleanses the skin.


If you're looking for details on any of these or our other great products, then make sure to visit our Facebook page or Instagram page, and also browse through our site's various collections. 


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