Skin and Hair Care

Everything you need to live your best life. Aligning with our Indigenous pillars shown below, these products are made with locally sourced ingredients from the environment to promote a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our foundational pillars include:

  • ᑳᑫᒋᐦᐁᐤ kâkecihewSoothe: We want to create a spray that create a soothing relief for your little ones tender skin.
  • ᒥᔪᐦᑳᐧᒥᐤ miýohkwâmiw  - Sleep Well: We want to a lotion that helps create a stress free, anxiety free, restful sleep environment.
  • ᐸᑳᓯᒧᐤ pakâsimow - Bathe: We want to create an enjoyable bathing experience for both and allow for some fun suds.
  • ᑮᐦᑫᐃᐧᐣ kîhkêwin - Heal: We want to create a balm that will help little ones skin heal up fast so they can continue learning and growing.