About Us

Bobbi and Justin are parents to two adorable boys (nâpesis) Luke & Benson. But their passion for children began long before Luke & Benson came along. Bobbi obtained an education in early learning and childcare, and together, Bobbi and Justin served as provided support for families with Indigenous children services agencies to ensure Indigenous children were retaining the culture.


Now, they're helping by offering practical children solutions to make the lives of caregivers easy.


You may be wondering why we used the word caregivers. This is on purpose!


We like to emphasize on the word caregivers as we were a licensed foster home that provided relief/respite for foster parents and emergency placement services for Indigenous children. We know that it may not always be Mom and Dad, it may be Grandma (kôkom), Grandpa (mosôm), Aunts or Uncles, Cousins, Daycare, Teachers... or it really could be anyone - As we know, it takes a village to raise a child.


If you're reading this bio, then you're only a single click away from the most useful children products on the market. Bobbi and Justin teamed up to create a collection of children items that are meant to make your life as a caregiver easy or should we say EZZY - Just Ezzy Bee.


There's never been a more mom and pop operation before. Especially one that understands the needs of caregivers so well and is Indigenous owned. Let Bobbi and Justin help make your life as a caregiver EZZY.


Wîhcasin – it is easy or simple…this is our goal at Just Ezzy Bee. 


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